Greetings club members.

Yet again I have to announce a cancellation of the coming AGM on Saturday 21, because of Covid.

All officers of the club will maintain their present status until the AGM date is reset.

I know you will share my frustration as we seem to have cancelled a number of events this last year or so because of weather

and Covid. This new form of Covid it is really quite deadly, and although the chances of it affecting the South Island is less than the North Island,

I cannot countenance having any of our member’s put in danger. You will be notified as soon as a clear path forward becomes available.


Attached are the minutes of the last committee meeting for your perusal. Any questions or suggestions please contact me by email (

In the second attachment you will find the rules pertaining to the club site (apiary). All persons on site must follow these, members or not!.

The third attachment is the actual club rules for all members.

As member’s, please ensure that you know and understand them and be able to assist Newbees! Also if you wish to have something added or changed

the next AGM is the place. So write up your suggestion or submission and send it to me or the secretary.

Honey Flow,

Are you ready? Boxes prepped, disease control ready? Refresh yourselves with the myriad of available written and electronic information and talk to other

experienced beekeepers within our club, the hive master for instance!. I feel that September will be clear start, though, I note my bees are already bringing pollen and nectar.


Paul O’Donnell


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