Jubilee Dinner

Thanks to everybody who worked so hard to make yesterday evening such a success. Gordon went above and beyond to make the venue so welcoming, with helium balloons, a slideshow of the club site, and activities of members. Thanks to Jeff Robinson for his speech, David Spice for arranging the menu and sorting out the venue, Jo for her coordinating role and her welcome, Dan van Asch for his appreciation of the Club over the years, and the Ara team for putting on such a great spread. We also appreciate Paul O’Donnell for his generous gift of the Bell to the Club. Thanks also to Lindsay Moir for the gift of honey and to suppliers of the other gifts in the goody bags. Keeping a beady eye on the finances was Kerry Kearney. If I have missed anyone out – apologies!!

A wonderful niight enjoyed by all!

Incidentally, I produced the balms that were in the goody bags. The Calendula and Kawakawa balms are good for skin issues. Besides soothing, and healing calendula is known for its antifungal properties. Kawakawa has long been used for skin conditions including eczema. Cayenne balm has warming properties. It is good to use on aching muscles and joints. However, it contains capsaicin – the hot component of chillis, and should not be used as a lip balm, or allowed to come into contact with the eyes.

All three balms are made from our beeswax, and herbal extracts into almond oil. To the final mixture is added a little lavender essential oil as a scent. I hope you enjoy using them!

Michael Winter

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