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Field Day 2nd April

First a huge thank you to Bunnings who have donated a brand new BBQ, you will see it this coming Saturday!

Yes, this Saturday (Sat 2nd April), is our field day that is of course if it does not rain. I will send out a notice on Friday evening re any cancellation.

It is an important agenda because wintering down is a very necessary action with your bees to ensure success in the coming spring.

Agenda (10.35am)

Wintering Down {Treating}


                                 {Disease Checks}

                                {Hive Management}

                                 {Placing of your hive in winter}

For Newbees: 9.30 to 10.30 will be a short instruction course on hive management!

Raffle: well its still the same one: The donated brand new hive from BEELINE  . It has to go this field day so bring a few dollars and buy a (or more) tickets!

Two draws one for the hive and one for the wood ware!

Also for sale: Brand-new plastic honey jars: $50.00 for 30!

AFB Course is being held at the West Eyreton Hall on 10th April starting 9.30, which is the second Sunday. I recommend all for a refresher course only $10.00 each.

Ring Lindsay Moir 0211166 713 for more info.

On 19th May at 6.30 at 7pm Ara are holding another fundraising dinner for the club. The last was a tremendous success and everyone enjoyed the classical table service by the senior students not

to mention the delightful food. $45.00 per head book now with David Spice 027 360 1398.

No showing of passes this Saturday but EVERYONE must sign in the site book! Don’t forget your mask either.

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Field Day Cancellation

To All Members,

As president of our club, after consultation with some members, some emails received and given

the current state of affairs in regard to Covid, I have come to the conclusion that we must cancel the Field Day this coming Saturday.

Ara and the university are suffering an outbreak of Omnicom and Covid, as indeed are a number of people in gathering places both in Christchurch and other towns. Over 100,000 people to date have been recorded with this disease in NZ. Some members are definitely nervous.

As your President I have made the arbitrary call to protect our members: no matter how insignificant the risk is by wearing masks and social distancing.

I alone will be held responsible for this call. Even if you are vaccinated you can still pass this disease on, particularly to children etc.

If you have a bee problem, or wintering down query, call Hive Master Gordon Nairn 0275389568 or any member or myself.

Be Safe!

Paul O’Donnell


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