Why Join

The primary role of our Club is to share knowledge. By this, we aim to help our members learn about the art and craft of beekeeping and to share that information with new entrants so that they become skilled beekeepers and in turn help others.

Secondly, the Club aims to provide its members with the social opportunity to meet other beekeepers. This allows them to develop a sense of identity, community and belonging. These are recognized as essential for the long-term enjoyment of any hobby. You will see that the monthly Field Days held at our Club Apiary in Christchurch are a strong feature of our Club. Visitors and guests are welcome and there is always a cup of tea and food on hand, occasionally even a BBQ!

Thirdly, our Club strives to provide members with benefits that are not available to non-members. Examples include access to the Club forum, the hire of club equipment and resources; additionally we have a bulk rate buying power with suppliers!

The last few years have seen a rapid expansion of members who now are topping the 321 mark, amazing! The core value of our club is to share openly any knowledge that will benefit a member. To that end, we publish a membership list to members with the phone number of other members, within that person’s suburb, to encourage knowledge sharing and help. You are expected to submit a phone number or email.

Thus we have professional and amateur beekeepers readily sharing experiences and knowledge at our club meeting days, which is called a field day. This is held every first Saturday of the month from 10-30am at the 681 Cashmere Road grounds. Weather dependant. Cancellation is published on our web site.

As the years have evolved, the club has become more teaching orientated. We have volunteers going to the schools and teaching about bees, other interested groups will come along to organized weekday gatherings at the club grounds. In consequence, the club has expanded its site to accommodate these groups and a larger membership. It is clear that school children love the experience.

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