If you have trouble with swarms, contact the club for removal. Mention your

  • Contact information…..
  • Location of the swarm and
  • Type of bees ( bumblebees, honey bees, etc):

The person removing the swarm may not be the same person you have contacted.

A charge may apply ( typically $55).

Contact one of these people:

Kerry Kearney Shirley 386 3366 or 021 120 0135
Gordon Nairn Harewood 359 6758 or 027 538 9568
Jeff Chandler Shirley 022 306 4250
Dereck Skinner Rolleston 347 3305
Jeff Robinson 021 073 4148
Paul O’Donnell 313 9521 or 021 937 246

If the committee is unable to collect your honey bee swarm, members can post the request to our club group and another member will get back to you.


Hi Keith – Took this photo of a swarm Kevin & I collected last night.

The biggest swarm of the season so far.

Regards -Jaclyn Sim & Kevin Gates

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