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Set your trip meter to zero at Princess Margaret Hospital and head west (PMH on your left).

At 2.2 km Take road left (this is still Cashmere Rd).

At 3.5 km Follow sharp right hand bend at Hoon Hay Valley Rd (still on Cashmere Rd). Road straight for 700 metres.

At 4.2 km At end of straight, turn HARD HARD left (160 degree turn) into the gateway of number 681. This is just before the road starts to swing to the right and up an incline. Look for signage. Drive through the gate and along the driveway of 681 and immediately past the giant trees, turn left into the parking paddock (deer fencing). If stock is in the paddock, the gate must be kept closed. Walk back along the drive towards the entrance gate and turn right just before the gate to the Bee Club site.

Please have consideration for the property owners and other local residents.

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