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Committee meeting

The committee meeting will be held Monday the 1st of August so any questions, thoughts for next year, general business etc., will need to be in writing to the secretary ( or myself ( by Friday 29th of July. Or: the club new Post Office Box number 33464!

This will also apply to submissions to be presented at the AGM on the 20th of August. They need to be in by 10th August to give us time to make allowances for investigation if needed. On that note we need a new Treasurer: Kerry Kearney has given terrific service to the club for a number of years as our valued treasurer, a true guardian of the purse! Please put your hand up if you think you could fill this important role. I am sure Kerry will steer you through the job.

Finally is there any computer geek in the club who knows how we can set up all the member’s email addresses so we can send out communications with one press of the button! It simply is too costly to send out communications by letter (Snail Mail) in this day and age.

Open post

Apiculture New Zealand

Well the club, meaning you, has joined API (Apiculture New Zealand), this means at long last we are affiliated to the National Beekeepers Organization.

For the first time ever the annual API Conference was held at the brand new Christchurch Convention Centre (called Te Pae?) We were one of the first to use the centre and it is absolutely brilliant and both a credit and asset

for Christchurch City.

Even better we volunteered to do gift packaging, front desk welcoming and various hands on duties! My heartfelt thanks to the following volunteers who gave their time over the three days:

This was a golden opportunity to promote our club and help build a bridge between the professionals and amateurs, our club name was prominent to all.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to the following volunteers: though I don’t know about the bottom name!

Gordon Nairn

Irene Siemonek

Jeff Robinson

Susan Gifford

Lee Carmichael

John Mc Cormack

John Kennewell

Lindsay Moir

Paul O’Donnell

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