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Extracting honey demo

Hi members

I have been extracting honey in my kitchen for about 4 years, using a three-frame extractor. I have got this down to a reasonably fine art without too much mess and I’m inviting interested newbies to visit me in my home to watch my procedure. 

I plan to extract next Saturday morning, 26 Feb, beginning 10.30am and lasting for about one hour. 

I live in Ashgrove Tce close to Princess Margaret hospital. There is room in my kitchen for 4 to 5 people.

If you are interested please phone me 0278 249 059.

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Beginners Day

One day only.

Saturday 19th March 8am to 4.30

Bring your lunch. All your boxes / floor / frames / nails and screws, foundation etc.

This course will show you the right way to enjoy the best of beekeeping without spending all your money.

Questions to Gordon 0275389568

COST. $ 100.00 non club membership.Club members $60.00.

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Queen raising course


Gordon Nairn – Hivemaster
Jeff Robinson – Education/training

This course is to give you a practical experience to raise your own Queens. It is 2 days of information and hands on experience with results that you have done.

You will need to bring pen and paper to make notes if you want to. Insect repellent.


26/27 February 8.00-4.30 both days….wet or fine.


$150.00 club membership or nonmembers $ 190.00.

BOOKINGS are essential phone Gordon 027 538 9568

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February field day

We had a great get together with 27 attendees yesterday. It was easy to pack those jars and lids together after having a chat, a hot sausage and some of Irene’s delicious chocolate cake. Thanks team for all your work. We even got to check out the storage space up in the whare. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the next fine Field Day, now we have a number of hives on site and honey spinning to be done.

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field day

Tomorrow’s Field Day

As promised I have waited till this afternoon to post the notice for tomorrow’s Field Day..

You will be well aware that the forecast is for rain starting at 7am approx. at 60% chance of precipitation working up to 80% by 12P.M

Gordon our hive master has offered the following to members:

“12th February is our Field Day and again the rain 🌧🌧🌧☔☔ is forecast.

But still work has to be done.

We have jars to be bagged up @ 50 per bag and they are 250ml for sale at the Club…$30.00 per bag.

We can talk about treatments for the hives how to use them.

No doubt some questions to ask.

Good news is 5th March next club Day hopefully a fine day.

Thanks Gordon,

Hive master for the Club.”

The grounds are quite soft so wear good boots. There are a lot of midges because of the wet conditions,

They can cause quite an itch so wear long pants and bring some dimp…..just in case! You will still need to show your pass as usual and wear a face covering

even if you are working in the container with people.

Beeline will not be attending but ring Brian on 0272456427 to place an order.

Also, subs are due and Kerry will be accepting them as time is nearly up!

WOULD COMMITTEE MEMBERS please txt/email me that you will or won’t be attending. Unfortunately I cannot attend but our V.P Jo Winter will be.

Regards All

Paul O’Donnell


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