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April 8th Good Friday Working Bee at the Hive Site

Good Sorts on Good Friday

Up and out early to get the best of the day the small team of concreters, builders and gardeners were at the site before 8.00am. It was superb to have this tricky part of the shed build underway and ready for the shed itself. We called the working bee to suit the guys with the materials, concreter and gear, so regrets to anyone who had wanted to come, but was spending family time together, that’s so valuable you have to snatch time together when you can and we perfectly understand. It’s not usual for us to chose an inconvenient date and we try to give you as much notice as we can. But sometimes this isn’t easy.

For my part, not being a concreter myself, I couldn’t resist the garden centre sales during Easter and have added more plants for Irene and Dave to plant and to boost our flowering plants at the site for the bees. We’re always keen to have flowering nectar rich perennials to add to the garden if you’re clearing out your extras from your flower beds this autumn do think of donating a little something to the Club. Thanks again to the great team that came along on Friday, Murray, Dave, Irene, Trevor, Richard, Andrew, Gordon and Allan.

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Autumn Working Bee 25th March

Perfect weather for our working bee on Saturday meant we were able to get a lot done and move ahead with our plans to upgrade the beehive areas in preparation for winter. 

Knowing how cold and wet the site gets we have started to create a better site for the hives to reduce the impact of the winter weather. Each beehive will sit on a concrete pad and on top of a short platform to help keep them well ventilated and dry. Alongside each hive is a table to help us to inspect the hives. Thanks to Murray and Trevor the foundation framing and digging out for the pads was completed on Saturday as well as the foundation framing for the new bee gear shed.

Jeff Gibson organised the hiring of the chipper and had Richard, Peter, Dave and Allen as the team to get all the chipping done. Stunning work guys. We have two piles of chips now and all we need is the fish to go with it!

Dave Ress and John Cook replaced the rotten seats -which was no mean feat – they were designed to stay! Paul and helpers cleared the storm water grate, and Paul will paint the seats at a later date to give us a great finish. 

Trimming the lavender and battling the weeds, was tackled by another team who did a fabulous job thanks Veronica, Annette, Irene and others.

Wind-break repair and replacement was also on the schedule and completed thanks, Andy and John. 

This wasn’t all that got done, nor do I think I have named everyone-my apologies if I’ve missed your name but I wanted to share how much fun this was and how satisfying it is to see so much completed when the Club members are working together.

Thanks for all the brilliant help, we had a great time and achieved an awful lot.

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working bee

Working Bee, Saturday 25/9

We’ve hired a wood chipper to chip the branches that have been cut down at the Club grounds. It would be awesome to have a couple of crews to share the work chipping this Saturday.

Early start, and all welcome

  • Always some weeds to pull
  • Some painting of the pump shed
  • Clean up the BBQ

Please help us get ready for the Club Day on Saturday 2nd October.

Contact Gordon for more details.

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Working bee on Saturday 11th of September

Thanks for the effort that all turned up to make ready for the Club Day on 2nd October. We hope that all will be good for a fantastic first Club Day this season.

AGM will start at 10.30am.then into the club programme, BBQ lunch …..

Open hives and lots of questions about what you should have done.

More information next week.

Thanks Gordon.

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Thanks for the help at the working bee

Great working bee at the club site on Saturday 24th July 2021.

Gordon, Dave and Irene had us all helping to tidy up the site ready for the start of the season.

We needed all those gardeners and folk who came along today, to contribute to the club’s pruning, shifting slabs of paving, concreting, painting and a myriad of other jobs.

It was a fabulous example of what a team of members can do when we all pull together.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who took time out of their day to come down and do what needs to be done.

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working bee

Working Bee postponed to 24th July

Working Bee postponed to Saturday 24th July 8.30pm – 3.00pm

Hi Team, 

SORRY EVERYONE but the working bee at the club has been cancelled for tomorrow.
I have left this for the last moment just in case we will miss the rain event. However, the weather office assures me that there will be a consistent amount of rain around the port hills and probably the city proper.
As I write Arthurs Pass is now closed due to slips.
The working be is postponed until next Saturday. I know you will be bitterly disappointed!

See you next week!

Paul O’Donnell

So what needs doing? Can you spend an hour or so helping out to do just one of these tasks? I know you want to help so here’s our dream list to get done before the season starts:

  • Hoeing the gardens.. Keep those weeds down.
  • Staking up trees.
  • Popping in the plant signs.
  • Planting lavender etc.
  • Prune fruit trees.
  • Raking up leaves and acorns.
  • Removing dead branches – may need a ladder or saw/ loppers
  • Cover water tanks
  • Move paving stones for beehives
  • Rotary hoe and operator for new garden
  • Painting – brush handed wanted
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working bee

Working bee 22nd May

Greetings All

This coming Saturday is a Working Bee you might like to attend as a good club member.

The following jobs need to be attended:

  • Toilet hand rail and skirting to be painted and towel hooks and door stops fixed in place.
  • Connect water pipe to toilet tank system.
  • Prepare dining table area.
  • Signage and plastic cover on notice board needs to be removed using supplied heat gun (or bring your own) and meth’s.
  • Finish with a light sand of 250 grit. When done I will paint the whole board with 379 anti-graffiti urethane.
  • Water Irrigation to be added to.
  • Planting Borage and other plants.

Contact El Domo Gordon 0275389568 for further info.

So Roll Up, Roll Up and enjoy a cuppa tea and a natter with fellow members, and a wee bit o work!




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working bee

Thanks to those who helped at the working bee 20th Feb 2021

Thanks to those who helped at the Working Bee on the 20th Feb 2021 on behalf of the rest of the membership who were unable to come along; we’d like to acknowledge their valuable work on our behalf. We’re aware that not everyone can help on a Saturday but know that they contribute where they can in other ways.

Thanks to Dave and Irene for organising on the day.

And the heavy work done by others, including: Murray Baxendale, Paul, Jim and Veronica Robinson, Allen Paterson, Trevor Ingham, Lindsay Moir, Tony Gallop, Jeff Gibson.

10.30amWelcome and Introductions –
Health and Safety –
Plan for the day
New beekeepers will work on the nuc.
11.00amOpening and cleaning up the hives, embedding wax for new frames.
12.00pmBreak for a light lunch and drink.
1.00pmMonthly To Do List for March and thanks to those who helped at the Club working bee.
2.30pmPack up


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