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Greetings Members


Hello Team,

SORRY but the hive master informs me the apiary is awash with water.

It is pointless hoping for the best, therefore, tomorrow has been cancelled.

So folks see you all at the AGM .

Don’t forget to be thinking about any business you wish to bring forward, now is your chance!





Well in two days’ time starting 10-30am we have our first Field Day of the new beekeeping season.

Then, two weeks after that on the Saturday 21st, will be our AGM!

The question, as usual, it seems is should we hold the field day as we are in a band of inclement weather?

Well, we have hive preparation work to do before the honey flow which is looming on the horizon! In fact I am not sure if my bees have gone

nuts because the temperature outside is dead on 9 Deg and they are flying straight and true directly into the South- West returning with loads pollen..

Apart from the four hives lost due to AFB the other two are looking fine and, this is the first time I have nearly got through winter without cold weather problems.

The brood boxes are wrapped and the hives are now about 230mm clear of the ground on pedestals.

And, we have also had a number of minus 6deg frosts in the paddock this year! I digress!

This Saturday will be held unless it is absolutely pouring down but the weather prognosis to date is for partly cloudy and 12degC.

Keep an eye out on the web page or this email for any possible changes. It is doubtful at the moment if we will open any hives.

Still, this is a critical time to prepare your hive(s)

The syllabus will be as follows:

Cleaning frames and boxes, repairing and painting.

Prepping hives for the honey flow and what you will need and do.

Discuss weather and variations: colony collapse.


Cleaning of equipment or disposal of.

In depth discussion on the new season.

AGM: have you put in a submission: what is a submission and why? This can be on voting or general items you want discussed.

I will post a confirmation again early Saturday morning and do check the web site as well.


Paul O’Donnell


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