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Field Day and Beeline

This Saturday is our Field Day the weather should be fine and therefore no cancellation notices needed.

Club Field Day this Sat. 06.11.21 start time 10.30am

This Saturday’s programme covers:

  • Swarm control, disease management, COI’s Supering up, storage of honey, assemby and wiring and waxing.
  • Wax – did you know wax is not allowed city council bins.
  • 9.00am start, to workshop with Jeff R. to clean, rewire, embed foundation, to prepare boxes for the day.
  • 9.00am start for gardeners too, the weeds are needing to be gone for the bees to get more assess to the flowering plants.

Unfortunately Beeline cannot attend the Saturday. They are seriously down on product and in fact can bring little up from Dunedin. It is a shame but the building industry as a whole are starting face serious shortages of materials, notably framing for houses.

It jars one to see the huge swath of logs still going out of Lyttleton whilst our local industry suffers.

A full program is being published so I look forward to seeing you all at around onwards.

Would those people wishing to have a seat on the committee come forward and meet with me as I would like to have a quick discussion with you. Also persons with other queries or ideas also meet with me.

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