Working as a team

Hi Members,

Working as a Team!

What is a team? One explanation is group of people working together for a common cause. One might say a CLUB! And that is what the Christchurch Hobbyist Beekeepers Club Inc, is!

Because of this Covit thing our club has suffered.  Some members have been on the grounds planting, gardening, and lawn mowing: these people have my heartfelt thanks.

In October we will be having an working bee and this is what the cartoons should remind you of, we will need lots of members and gear,  so keep an eye out for a date and list of work to be done.

To the few people that have given me stick for moving the AGM dates and field days, well you can elect someone else at the coming AGM 26th of September.

The buck stops with me and I will not shirk my duty.

Members are the most important people and it is up to the management to ensure total safety:  risk taking is not an option.  We are nearly returning to normal and hopefully  all will be normal by October the 3rd which will be our first club grounds field days.

The AGM will also have some field day input plus Ecrotec presentation.  DO bring a mask if you want to, I am guessing we will be back to normal, but we have gone through a rough time so if you feel comfortable wearing a face covering do so.

FINALLY: A committee meeting is scheduled for 12th September, if you have a question or a remit for the AGM, this will be your last opportunity to notify the committee in writing, before the 12th,  either in writing or by appearance. Remits will not be accepted on the day of the AGM. For example: a remit might read: “Drop the word Hobbyist from our official title”.

Reason: Our title is too long for logos and why should we be different than any other beekeepers?

Somebody might like to put that thought forward for discussion at the AGM.


Paul O’Donnell


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